NASA Hires Professionals in the Astronautic Field

ON June 8th, 2017, NASA announced the narrowing down of more than 18,300 applicants to twelve astronauts. According to the administrator of the team, Mr. Robert Lightfoot, NASA was pleased to select an energetic team coupled with talent, and they were looking forward to fueling the company with an exciting future filled with exploration and discoveries. Robert said that the company is excited to expand the group as well as the crew in the space station because the expansion has a direct impact on the research that the agency will be conducting to make new air discoveries. Through the introduction of the group, there will be more research based solutions aimed at improving the airlines.

Astronauts Selection

Robert said that the company would keep the new members by implementing the need for more research. The team comprises of five women in addition to seven men. Their ages range from 29 to 42. With seven of the team members having military experience and aviation, it is undisputed that NASA is set to soar high through the new team. The seventh candidate on the list was a member of the United States Navy. These people are fondly known as astronaut candidates because some of the candidates may not make it to space. From the selected pool, NASA will select prospective astronauts for admission.


NASA is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. This is an existing independent agency of the United States, a branch of the federal government. The company is responsible for America’s space civilian program, aeronautics research, and aerospace. Since its establishment in 1958, the agency has been geared towards promoting peaceful scientific applications in space. The legalization of NASA was implemented on July 29th, 1958 and through its founder President Dwight Eisenhower, the agency has been operating with the objective of developing safe and efficient airlines.


p>Robert Lightfoot was appointed as NASA’s acting administrator on January 20, 2017. Robert’s permanent title in the agency is an associate director. That is the highest ranking position in the company. Initially, he served as the director of Marshall Space Flight Space Centre. This is one of NASA’s branches. He served as the head and was in charge of NASA’s space explorations installations. He oversaw explorations as well as science missions. Robert was in charge of various propulsion, space transportation activities as well as programs. He was also the serving director from March 2009. He was then elevated to executive director.

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