MRJ will still be delivered on time despite technical issues of air-conditioning

Mitsubishi Heavy states that it will stick to the schedule of handing over its first plane in 2018 despite issues with the jet’s air conditioning during the weekend test flights grounding the plane from further experimental flights.

According to Mitsubishi’s spokesman Yuji Sawamura:

“Mitsubishi is working with United Technologies, which makes the aircraft’s air conditioning, to fix the problem but we are sure that we can still deliver the plane on time in 2018. We will decide the date to resume the ferry flight based on the results of inspection.”

As a result of this reported technical issue, Japan’s first passenger plane in nearly half a century has  been sent back to the hangar for checks and fixes. The aim of the nation’s first locally built passenger jet is to compete with the dominance of Brazil’s Embraer SA and Canada’s Bombardier Inc. 

Mitsubishi has so far 407 orders for its new aircraft, including options and purchase rights, as of the end of last year with its two biggest customers based in the U.S.  ANA expects to receive a complete and safe MRJ airplane by the due delivery date of September the 9th according to spokesman Wataru Yoshioka.

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