Monarch Airlines may have violated employee rights

According to The Guardian, trade union Unite is taking legal action on behalf of Monarch Airlines workers.

Monarch recently became the third European carrier to shut its doors in 2017.

Unite , who represent Monarch’s cabin crew and engineers, claims 1,800 workers who were laid off were not consulted on their redundancy.

Monarch also took another PR hit when it was revealed some employees had to call a premium phone line to learn about their redundancy. Some employees were charged almost £40.

KPMG, who is administering Monarch, said it would reimburse those employees.

It was also KPMG who made the Monarch staff redundant earlier this week. They did not provide 45 days notice, which is required by law. KPMG had been consulting with Monarch executives for over a month.

Unite said it would ask for compensation for the staff. It also acknowledged the government would likely have to pay the tab. Getting stranded Monarch passengers back to the U.K. has already cost £60 million.

Oliver Richardson, one of the union’s national officers, said, “The manner in which Monarch went into administration and the way the government allowed it to happen means there is a strong claim for compensation.”

Last year former employees of Redcar brought a similar claim and were paid £6 million.

Government officials are negotiating with credit card companies to see if they would make a contribution to offset the cost of dealing with stranded passengers. The government argues that if it hadn’t stepped in, many customers would have filed disputes with the credit card companies instead.

There was no indication the credit card companies had agreed to assist. Those companies will still have to deal with chargebacks from the 750,000 Monarch passengers whose flights were cancelled before they had a chance to leave the U.K.

Over 23,000 Monarch passengers had already been returned to the U.K. by Wednesday morning. Many thousands more are expected to return in the coming days.

The airline Jet2 announced it would add 100,000 seats from select destinations to make up for the void in the market left by Monarch’s closure.

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