Missing MH370 deliberately flown into the water, says leading expert

A leading expert in investigating plane crashes said the missing plane of Malaysia Airlines, flight MH370 probably deliberately and controlled was flown into the water, world agencies reported.

Larry Vance does not exclude the theory that the plane has been taken down by the pilot or someone who kidnapped the airliner.

The expert told the Australian program 60 Minutes, there is no other way to explain why the flaperon discovered near the island Reunion in the Indian Ocean is expanded, which means that someone has controlled the flight at the impact with the water.

We recall, the aircraft “Boeing” 777 on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board disappeared in March 2014.

The official investigative team said it is trying to ascertain whether the aircraft was piloted in the last moments.

Vance, a former chief investigator for transport safety in Canada, has led more than 200 investigations of air crashes.

According to him, the lack of debris is a factor that suggests that the plane was landed under controlled circumstances.

“Somebody was flying the airplane at the end of its flight,” Vance said. “Somebody was flying the airplane into the water. There is no other alternate theory that you can follow.”

Despite the search operation of the aircraft in the southern Indian Ocean, there is no trace of MH370 except the flaperon discovered a year ago.

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