MiG-21 and F-15 in the Dacian Eagle 2016 exercise 

Since the beginning of July 2016, eight fighter jets F-15C/D Eagle from the 131st Fighter Squadron of the Air National Guard Base, Massachusetts and the 194th Fighter Squadron of the Fresno Air National Guard Base, California are in the Romanian airbase Campia Turzii, for participation in the Dacian eagle 2016 exercise. On the Romanian side will participate MiG-21 LanceR and helicopters IAR 330 Puma, as well as around 200 soldiers from both countries.

“The exercise is an opportunity to practice the techniques, tactics and standard procedures common in air operations, according to NATO standards by performing flights in cooperations with the American partners,” said from the Romanian side in a press release.

LanceR fighters are deeply modernized MiG-21 with new avionics and radar and capabilities for the use of high precision weapons. MiG-21 LanceRs are easy and cheap to maintain, speedy and maneuverable and can successfully engage in а combat against more advanced fighters. As from that year, they will be gradually replaced by F-16s from the surpluses of the Portuguese Air Force.

The Eagles are in Europe to support Operation Air Resolve, send as a part of the TSP (Theater Security Package), in order to show the US’ commitment to strengthen the Air Force presence in a particular region, where it is necessary.

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