Make Sure You Wear Your Ugly Christmas Sweater If You’re Flying On December 15th

The ugly Christmas sweater-wearing thing was only for crazy office parties and holiday Christmas parties a few years ago. There is something about a man or a woman in an ugly Christmas sweater that makes some people cringe. Having a green and white Santa or a black-spotted reindeer with snowflakes in the background on your body is not a forward fashion look. But wearing these holiday bad taste sweaters isn’t going away anytime soon. Shark Tank gave ugly sweaters retailers a boost when one company got the backing of one of the sharks. So rather than being a quirky, geeky thing, ugly Christmas sweater wearing is now a mainstream look.

Ugly Christmas sweaters are so mainstream that three airlines will let you board your flight early on December 15th if you have your best form of ugliness on that day. December 15 is National Ugly Holiday Sweater Day, and Alaska, Horizon Air, and Virgin America will reward you for having enough courage to wear one to fly with them. And since ugly holiday sweaters go great with the holiday music, the airlines will play those old favorites while you board your flight. That sounds like an offer even the Godfather couldn’t refuse, according to a Refinery29 article.

But if you are travel from O’Hare during the holidays in one of those ugly sweaters, you might want to look around and reminisce a little. Chicago’s Aviation Committee is in the process of renegotiating a new agreement with the 61 airlines that provide service from O’Hare. The current lease is not up until May 2018, but the committee wants people to know service will not fall apart during the negotiations.

It’s doubtful you’ll be able to get any kind of perk when the airport finally joins other airports in modernizing their management structure. But who knows? Maybe the new agreement between the city and the airlines might produce a Christmas in July ugly Christmas sweater competition. And the winners might get to check their luggage for free just like the old days. But don’t hold your breath. The airlines are banking on nickeling and diming you to keep stock prices up even when you wear your ugly holiday sweater to fly.

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