Major deals under the program “Make in India”

On July 12 at Farnborough airshow, a contract was signed between Airbus Helicopter and the Indian company Mahindra. According to it, Mahindra will produce fuselage parts for helicopters AS565 MBe Panther. The production will be the company’s plant in Bengaluru, from where it will be delivered directly to the factory of Airbus Helicopters in India. So Mahindra becomes the first Indian company that has a direct contract with the leading production helicopter manufacturer.

Airbus Helicopters and Mahindra Defence will form a joint venture through which will apply to the program of the Indian Navy for a new multipurpose helicopter for а helicopter for common needs and a helicopter for reconnaissance and surveillance. AS565 MBe Panther meets the requirements of а helicopter for common needs. If India chooses Panther, Airbus Helicopters will create a center for the production of the helicopter in India.

The other big deal is with the Аmerican corporation Lockheed Martin. The company has confirmed its intention to produce F-16 fighters in India under the program “Make in India”. That was reported by the Indian newspaper “The Hindu”. It is alleged that the multibillion-dollar deal was finalized during the visit of the Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Lockheed Martin, Marillyn A. Hewson in India. That said to the edition a senior source familiar with the course of negotiations.

Under the agreement, India will produce the most advanced modification of the F-16s – Block 70/72.


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