Lockheed Martin is testing Dual Mode Plus Paveway II

Lockheed Martin tests munition Paveway II, which besides the standard semi-active laser head for targeting has a  GPS/inertial channel for navigation.

“This combination offers a precise and affordable direct attack weapon system to the US and its allies,” commented Precision Guided Systems director at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control Joe Serra.

From Lockheed said that the flight tests evaluated the linear optics, the control actuation, and the GPS/INS subsystem of the weapon.

The tests were conducted at the polygon China Lake in California by the US Navy with multirole fighter aircraft Super Hornet. Total two were thrown munitions based on the aviation bomb Mk 82 (227 kg). The targets were static and were hit successfully.

The modification allows Paveway II to become a munition with two channels for targeting, according to Lockheed it will be able to ensure the destruction of moving targets, including in bad weather.

Lockheed Martin is trying to take the lead over other manufacturers of guided munitions. Paveway II is produced in conjunction with Raytheon, but they take traditionally the larger share of the orders. Boeing is a monopolist in the ammunition family JDAM.

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