LG Install Robots In Korean Airports

Korean airports now look so much more futuristic thanks to the various robot workers provided by LG. If you go to the Incheon International airport, you will see these robots, that almost appear to be something out of Dr. Who, sweeping the floors.

The robots have even been equipped with advanced voice recognition to take orders in multiple languages. Guests of the airport may ask for directions, flight schedules, maps and even an escort to their departure gate. English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese is currently supported.

The robots are connected to the main computer within a data center in the airport. This data center gives the robot up to date information and instructions automatically. The cleaning functions of the robot are the most impressive aspect. While detecting and sweeping up rubbish, it can dodge obstacles and other people with great accuracy.

There are currently fifteen robots in the airport that are mapping out and learning the floor plans. They are designed with artificial intelligence so that they can navigate around the airport with ease. These robots had several months of testing prior to their deployment in the airport.

The robot is able to detect the body language of people in the airport. This can be useful for assisting other or staying out of their way. It can even nod to yes or no questions.

About Incheon International Airport
The Incheon International Airport is still relatively young as it was created last-minute in the late 1980s to handle the increased air traffic due to the Olympic Games. It is now the largest airport in the country and serves all air traffic in Seoul.

This airport is known to be cutting edge and experimental in nature. They have modern installations including day spas, casinos, indoor gardens and a golf course. The addition of the robots will only add to the convenience and luxury that this Asian airport is known for.

Over 50 million passengers pass through this airport annually, so it is only natural that some may get lost within the airport. Many of these passengers are heading to capitals in Hong Kong, China, Japan, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Los Angeles. Hopefully, the addition of more AI robots in the airport may be able to help those in need. They have won many awards due to its inventiveness and the robots may only boost their image further.

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