The largest aircraft in the world performed its first flight

After an unsuccessful attempt on Sunday yesterday the biggest aircraft in the world carried out its first test flight. Airlander 10 spend 20 minutes in the air after months of preparation. Then the machine landed successfully at the airport Cardington Airfield in north London, reported CNN Money.

The hybrid between an airplane and a helicopter, which is longer than the largest passenger plane had to fly for the first time on August 14, but due to technical problems the flight was canceled.

The flying machine designed by British company Hybrid Air Vehicles has four engines and no internal structure. Its shape resembling a zeppelin is such because of 38 000 cubic meters of helium that fill it.

For the implementation of the project for Airlander 10, Hybrid Air Vehicles were able to raise capital of 3.4 million pounds or 4.4 million dollars. This includes funding from the European Union and the US government.

The manufacturer stated that the aircraft can be used to carry telecommunications equipment or other equipment to be used in rescue operations or military and commercial purposes.

Airlander 10 is designed so that it can remain aloft for up to two weeks if it’s in unmanned mode. It can carry up to 10 tons of cargo with a maximum speed of 146 km/h.

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  1. Benjamin Witter | August 18, 2016 at 2:50 pm | Reply

    I would assume that it is more of a semi-rigid blimp design as a zeppelin by definition is a rigid envelope lighter than air craft. I would also like to know how far it flew after it spent 20 minutes in the air as I assume it was not going full speed. Was there any trouble with high altitude winds?

  2. I heard it crashed a few days later. 🙂

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