La Guardia Airport Bomb Scare

Police have confirmed that a disgruntled customer was lying about having a bomb on Saturday at La Guardia Airport. As a result, this caused a partial shutdown in one of the airport’s terminal. The customer had earlier approached an employee at the airport with demands. The male customer attempted to buy a ticket at Terminal B that was occupied by Spirit Airlines. During the process, the customer was involved in a heated argument with the employee. According to the New York Police Department, the man left only to return later with a bag. After placing the bag on the counter, the disgruntled customer claimed that the bag contained a bomb. The man has been identified as 70-year-old John Park. He is from Farmington, Michigan. He forced the closure of half the concourses in the terminal. Port Authority of New York and New Jersey confirmed that the man is now in their custody. They released the information through their spokesman Joseph Pentangelo. He did not clarify on the charges that would be placed on the man. After an investigation by the New York Police Department for some hours, the threat of a bomb was declared as unfounded. During the evacuation process, people seemed confused.

Passengers outside the airport said that traffic was diverted elsewhere. The airport used its official Twitter handle to warn its passengers that there would be delays and disrupted flights. One of the passengers was 36 years old Ed Kamierczak of Ridgefield Park, New Jersey. He said that he was travelling with his family when they were stopped by an armed police officer who informed them that there was a situation. He also confirmed that there was a police officer at every entrance to the airport. He also said that SWAT trucks blocked cars from entering the airport. He also confirmed that everything remained normal during the entire process. He further said that people asked a lot of questions, but there were few answers. Two hours later, the airport used its social media pages to inform passengers that operations had normalized. However, they said that traffic delays would continue for the better part of the day. Passengers said that they were more frustrated by the lack of information regarding the bomb. However, people seemed relieved when they discovered that the airport had successfully handled the bomb. Some customers said that they had people to see and places to go.

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