Kuwait buys H225M Caracal

Airbus Helicopters and Kuwait signed an agreement for the sale of 30 military transport helicopters H225M Caracal. This reported Flightglobal.

The machines will be used by the Air Force of the country as well as the newly formed aviation unit of the National Guard. Caracal will be used for a wide range of tasks, including combat search and rescue, maritime operations and medical evacuation.

No other details are exported to the transaction, such as the price and delivery terms, but it is known that the contract includes logistics and training.

In June 2015 Kuwait announced its intention to acquire 24 pieces Caracal. Currently, the country operates 11 Gear SA330 Puma and AS332 Super Puma, and 14 multipurpose SA342 Gazelle.

The news is one of the few occasions of joy for Airbus Helicopters regarding the H225 program recently.

All civilian helicopters H225 were suspended from flights after the crash in Norway in AprilĀ and suspicionsĀ have arisen that there are serious manufacturing defects in the gear of the 11-ton helicopter.

Military H225M is not suspended from flights, though mechanically it is the same. Meanwhile, technical problems impede the realization of a deal in Singapore and to some extent in Poland.


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