Kazakhstan plans to strengthen its military aviation through deals with Russia

Kazakhstan is planning to sign several contracts with Russia for the purchase of educational and transport aircraft. This was reported by the Russian newspaper “Kommersant.”

The agreement to launch negotiations on three transactions was reached during the recent meeting of the Russian defense minister Sergei Shoygu with Kazakh counterpart Imangali Tasmagambetov.

The Kazakh side is interested in the purchase of subsonic two-seat advanced jet trainers Yak-130, propeller primary trainer aircraft Yak-152, military transport planes and Il-76MD-90A.

Initial contracts will are about four pieces of the Yak-130, two Il-76MD-90 and an unspecified amount of Yak-152. With that, Kazakhstan will become the first export customer of Il-76MD-90 and Yak-152.

In recent years, Kazakhstan intensively updates its military aviation with Russian help. They had been received four multipurpose fighters Su-30SM, as there are negotiated at least seven. It was announced a contract also for four attack helicopters Mi-35m.



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