Job Posting for a Top Secret Flight Attendant Goes Viral

It sounds like something out of a James Bond film, but it’s actually real life. A posting on the AECOM website recently sought out a very specific type of flight attendant—one who already had top secret security clearance from the government. The job listing also stated that this person should be able to keep a cool head in situations such as bomb threats, extreme turbulence and possible hijackings.

Rumors have led many to believe that the posting was for Janet (an acronym for Just Another Non-Existent Terminal), which is purportedly a secret airline that operates out of McCarran International Airport. For conspiracy theorists, the fact that the flights originate from Nevada—the site of Area 51—is no coincidence. And the fact the government refuses to even acknowledge the existence of Janet is even more of a tease for those who theorize that perhaps Americans don’t know everything about Roswell and other supposed “alien” sites.

According to reports, those flying in and out of Las Vegas have seen Janet planes on the runway. While the larger jets—a fleet of Boeing 737s—sport a red stripe, the smaller planes can be distinguished by their blue stripes. It has also been reported—on rare occasions—that these planes have actually been seen on the runway at Area 51. With this kind of reputation, it’s not difficult to see why the intriguing job post was repeatedly linked to and discussed.

However, it would appear that perhaps the government has found the perfect candidate for the position—or perhaps they didn’t like all of the extra attention that the secret program was generating. As of today, the flight attendant post has been removed from the AECOM website. For now, Janet job hopefuls will have to wait until something new comes up.

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