India will modernize its Ka-28

India will modernize its fleet of anti-submarine helicopters Ka-28. This reported the Navy of India.

The deal, which covers the repair and modernization of 10 pieces Ka-28 will be worth $ 294 million. It will include installation of new sensors and integration of new weapons. They will be west production and the entire operation will be completed in 42 months.

The modernization will be carried out in Russia and India, as the equipment will be supplied mainly from the Russian side, but for now, there are no specific technical aspects of modernization.

India has been trying to modernize its fleet of Ka-28 for nearly eight years but never reached the signing of a deal. Helicopters of this type suffer from a low rate of Š°irworthiness as it is believed that actively are flown no more than five.

Ka-28 is the export version of the Ka-27 and India bought the type in the 80s of last century.


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