Hypoxia Simulation Event Set for May

From May 10 to May 14 in 2018, Washington State’s Rainier Flight Service at Renton Municipal Airport will be offering a four day long Hypoxia Simulator Portable Reduced Oxygen Training Enclosure (PROTE) course courtesy of the FAA Civil Aerospace Medical Institute, General Aviation News reports.

PROTE training is intended to help pilots acclimate to low-oxygen conditions they might encounter during flights, teaching them how to behave and what to do when encountering these situations in a safer and more controlled environment than what they would encounter in real flight while building a tolerance to high-altitude conditions. By duplicating hypoxia (high-altitude) conditions on ground level, pilots and those in training can experience these conditions first hand without fear of injury or death. According to the FAA safety officials, it is also safer than traditional pressurized altitude chamber training.

There are a planned 220 open seats for the training, with spots filling as they are requested online. In order to reserve a place in the chamber, applicants must be at least 18 years of age and have a current FAA Class I, II, or III or BasicMed or Physical certification. Those who are simply there to learn from the seminar beforehand are not subject to the same restrictions, but will not be allowed to participate in the chamber training.

Training will be carried out in groups of five throughout the day, with new groups set to appear in thirty minute scheduling blocks with no overlap. Over the course of the four days, sessions will be held from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, with a lunch break in between until all 220 people have had the chance to undergo training.

For more information, you can contact FAA Safety Team Program Manager Jean Francois Mpouli at 425-227-2208 or jean.f.mpouli@faa.gov, or visit the official FAA website.

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