Hurricane Irma wreaks havoc on flights

Airlines are doing what they can to help passengers and evacuate people in advance of Hurricane Irma.

However, there have been difficulties along the way. NBC News reports the airlines have had trouble with price spikes and high demand.

The price spikes, which were uncovered by users on social media, drew intense criticism. On Tuesday, one Twitter user found a Delta flight from Miami that was usually priced at $547 selling for more than $3200. Another user tweeted a screenshot of a United flight out of Miami selling for $6700. A different screenshot showed an American flight originally priced at $193 selling for over $1500.

All the airlines scrambled to get prices under control.

JetBlue advertised price caps of $99 and $159. They said they will also waive cancellation and fare difference fees for passengers affected by the hurricane.

“Following updated forecasts tracking Hurricane Irma and announcements from local airport authorities, we currently have canceled 878 flights through Monday,” the airline said in an email. “We are working to provide additional flights where we can and communicating directly with impacted customers.”

American is also waiving fees and has placed a $99 price cap on travel through next Wednesday. They have also increased capacity, according to spokesperson Ross Feinstein.

Feinstein added that the airport’s Miami operations were already at capacity and that the airline would be forced to stop operations in Florida very soon. Many flights out of Miami and Fort Lauderdale have already been canceled.

Delta offered price reductions on last-minute fares from affected areas. Like the other airlines, it will waive fees and attempt to add capacity by using larger planes and adding flights.

United will offer travel vouchers to customers who need to reroute to different airports because of the hurricane. Unlike American, Delta, and JetBlue, United does not have a hub in Florida or Georgia.

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