Honeywell has signed agreement with DARPA for Next Generation Precision Navigation Technology project

Honeywell Develops Next Generation Precision Navigation Technology in partnership with DARPA

Honeywell has signed an agreement with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to further develop the next generation of precision inertial technology. As a legacy supplier of this navigation technology for commercial and military applications, Honeywell is working to improve the accuracy of inertial measurement unit (IMU) technology by three orders of magnitude compared with Honeywell’s HG1930 IMU.

Working with DARPA, Honeywell will improve the performance and reduce the power of its IMUs, which feature miniaturized gyroscopes and accelerometers, by applying advanced design and fabrication techniques to its existing inertial sensors based on microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). The end result will be a smaller and more precise navigation solution that enables users to operate in hostile GPS-denied environments with improved functionality and accuracy and at a lower cost.

In addition to commercial applications, these new sensors will also be used on weapons platforms. “As a leader in navigation and guidance, we’ve seen the capabilities of missiles and munitions grow by leaps and bounds as the accuracy of our IMU and MEMS technology grows and weapons systems become smarter,” said Carey Smith, president, Defense and Space, Honeywell Aerospace.

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