Higher Production rates targeted by Airbus

The Aviation giant Airbus is considering a further increase in the single-aisle aircraft production as the company seeks to pave the way for a continuous high demand for the A320neo family of aircrafts. The Executive Vice-president in charge of contacts, marketing and sales, Eric Schulz said that the company had not made any conclusion this far regarding the issue. However, Mr. Schulz said that Airbus would able to deliver a further communication on the production of that class of aircraft. He added that the corporation was making continuous research and studies and that they had been forced to look into more opportunities depending on how successful the product had become. Airbus is currently targeting to increase its output for single-aisle aircraft to 60 units on a monthly basis which is a target that the company would love to reach by the end of 2019.

Airbus rolled off 558 single-aisle aircraft off the production line in 2017 alone. The output last year translated into a monthly output of 46 aircrafts. However, the last half of 2017 saw an accelerating rate at which single-aisle aircraft was rolled off the production line. For some time, Airbus has been debating on improving the production rate for this family of aircraft to over 60 units per month. The Executive vice president who preceded Schulz, John Leahy has been piling pressure on the company employees and urging the board of managers to raise the corporation’s output further before he retired at the end of last month. However, Fabrice Bregier, the president of the Airbus Commercial Aircraft has decided to take on an approach that is a little bit more cautious.

Bregier is also set to vacate from his position at the corporation and be replaced by Guillaume Faury who is currently serving as the CEO for Airbus Helicopters. In May of 2016, Airbus released a statement where it said that it was not interested in producing more than 60 aircrafts that belong to this family on a monthly basis. At the time, Tom Williams who was the company’s Chief operations officer said that there was no serious work that the company would put into the project that would see the production go beyond 60. The robust change of mind in 2018 comes as a result of more than 1,055 net orders for the single-aisle aircraft. The boom in the Asian air transport business has reaped significant benefits for the airline company. 51% of all its aircraft were delivered to the Asian market in 2017 which translated to a total of 367 aircraft.

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