Grand Viewing Park Expansion “Takes Off” At Grand Rapids Airport

Let’s be honest; a lot of folks enjoy watching big planes take off and land, so those lucky to be around Grand Rapids can now enjoy a new pavilion, picnic tables, more parking spaces and a beautiful fountain at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport.

An expanded viewing park has just been unveiled and warmly received by the public, according to an item at The project wears a $1.1 million price tag as reported by SFGate, and the viewing park is located at 4820 Kraft Avenue SE in Michigan’s second largest city.

Children especially enjoy coming to the famous airport’s viewing park, and the numbers prove it’s a popular place to spend time with the family. Airport officials say that some 350 vehicles daily stop by the viewing park, and there’s lots of aeronautical action to delight over. For example, about 120 flights take off and land each day at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport.

What makes the newly expanded viewing park extra special is its up close and personal location. Airport officials give the title of “the closest viewing park to any active commercial runway in the United States” to the 4820 Kraft Avenue SE address.

The viewing park is not new and has been quite a fixture there since first opening in 1995. The modern updates came to fruition through help by the Cascade Community Foundation. The Grand Rapids non-profit organization is an endowment fund whose assets are handled through the Grand Rapids Community Foundation. The Cascade Community Foundation is all about community spirit and bringing the generosity of donors together to create wonderful projects for the city.

An airport viewing park party will be held at the new pavilion on Wed., June 14th. For more information, please visit the foundation at their Facebook page.

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