GameBird GB1 Receives Certification 


Last week, European Aviation Safety Agency issued the Type Certificate for the GameBird GB1, manufactured by Bentonville, Arkansas-based Game Composites. Designed by German aerobatic champion Philipp Steinbach, the GameBird is the first aerobatic airplane certified since 2011.

The two-seat carbon fiber airplane is designed specifically for aerobatics with a maximum load factor of +/-10 G. It is powered by a Lycoming AEIO-580 engine capable of producing 303 hp and the design allows for full aileron deflection at the never exceed speed of 235 knots. Maneuvering speed for the GameBird is 175 knots.

Unlike many aerobatic airplanes, the GB1 is also a capable crosscountry machine. The total fuel capacity of the GameBird is 83 gallons due to a 25-gallon acrotank and two 28-gallon wingtanks. Thus aerobatic pilots are able to fly their airplanes without multiple stops at a maximum range to 1,000 nm.

The base price for the GB1, with a basic instrument panel, is $400,000.

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