Frankfurt Airport Adds Yoga Places

Frankfurt Airport Renovations 2016

Frankfurt airport has invested 100 mln. Euros ($ 113 million) in a series of upgrades that include yoga rooms, playground and a forest-like zone. The goal is for passengers to feel more comfortable and be willing to spend more in stores, writes Bloomberg.

It aims to become an even more pleasant place for tourists, investing millions in new locations for entertainment and relaxation

Airports around the world are transforming into more pleasant for families shopping centers, to raise revenue amid restrictions and competition in the aviation business. The change in Frankfurt is part of the ambitions of airport operator Fraport to reach a rating of five stars from Skytrax, along with airports in Munich, Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore and Tokyo. This will be a complete transformation from the days when Frankfurt airport had gambling halls, erotic shops and bars without windows.

“Although the revival of the once popular disco “Dorian Gray” is not included in the plans, Fraport wants to do other things, “to make the airport more attractive,” said Chief Financial Officer Matthias Tsishang. “It is good that sex shops and dark bars are gone.”

If they could, Frankfurt Airport would open again the disco, which stopped working in 2000, but fire regulations have made the project “brutally complicated,” said the director. The image of the airport is especially important for Frankfurt, as it does not enjoy the attractiveness that other major cities with key airports have.

Fraport is investing 40 mln. euros in improving the comfort of terminals and renovation of the arriving area at its main terminal. Moreover,20 mln. Euros will be spent for the construction of a visitor center, modernization of the restrooms and a platform for observation. The company is also investing almost 3 bln. Euro in the third terminal, which will be completed by 2022.

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