France is upgrading its Mirage 2000D

French Air Force proceeded with plans for a major modernization of existing fighter aircraft Dassault Mirage 2000D, reported IHS Jane’s.

French Ministry of Defense decided to modernize the Mirage 2000D at the end of 2015 and the contract for this was signed on 19 July with the company Dassault, which will perform the work on the avionics and weapons.

The modernization will replace outdated systems in radar and avionics. The short-range missile R550 Magic 2 will be replaced with the new MICA IR, also it will be added the ability to carry a gun pod for close air support missions.

The update will also include the integration of the medium-range air-to-ground guided weapon AASM HAMMER and Thales Talios Multi-Function Targeting Pod. There’s no information if the Mirage 2000D will carry the Larsenal ASTAC tactical reconnaissance pod which was used in now retired Mirage F1.

It is expected the first upgraded Mirage 2000D to be ready in 2019.

From the 63 aircraft curently in service, 55 wil undergo modernization . Mirage 2000D is scheduled to remain in service until at least 2030.

Mirage 2000D is a variation of the fighter Mirage 2000. The machine is two-seated and optimized for long-range precision strikes with conventional weapons in all weather conditions, day and night. The development, which is based on the version optimized for nuclear striker Mirage 2000N, began in 1988. The first serial aircraft were delivered in 1993.

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