France removed from service Super Etendard

French naval aviation (Aéronavale) officially removed from service carrier-borne strike fighter aircraft Super Etendard,reported IHS Jane’s.

The last five flying Super Etendard ceased their flight operations on July 12, 2016. They were part of a squadron Flottille 17F. The machines will be placed on long-term storage, but is very unlikely to be returned to flight service.

Super Etendard is a development of strike plane Etendard IV. The machine makes it first flight on October 28, 1974, and officially enters in service in the French Navy in July 1978.

Of the type were produced only 85 units, as 14 of them are going to Argentina. French Super Etendard began to undergo a series of serious modernization in the 90s and the machines received a new name Super Etendard Modernisé (SEM).

In the last update (Standard 5) were modernized 35 pieces Super Etendard. In October 2015, in flight condition were found only eight aircraft that went on board the carrier Charles de Gaulle to participate in operations against the Islamic state.

The French Naval Aviation now consists entirely of multi-role fighter Rafale M, of which are delivered 48 pieces. Over the years, three were lost in incidents, and the remaining aircraft equip three squadrons.

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