FlySafair plane held up at OR Tambo due to fake hijacking alert

A fake hijacking threat had a FlySafair plane parked on the runway at OR Tambo International Airport‚ as police boarded the aircraft seeking the “suspect”.

Flight FA100‚ which landed in Johannesburg from Cape Town on Monday morning at 7.37am‚ emitted a distress signal to air traffic control authorities. The particular signal that was sent was one used for a hijacking thus causing passengers on board the craft to be unable to leave until full security checks have been made.

Around 8.15 am the aircraft was cleared and given permission to head to a bay where passengers disembarked and boarded a bus to go to the terminal.  It was revealed that the potential hijacking was a false alarm with FlySafair apologizing to all passengers for the inconvenience caused.

According to Kirby Gordon, a spokesperson for the company the aircraft was scheduled to fly back to Cape Town and do a return trip to Port Elizabeth. The airline will assist those who had missed connecting flights with alternative travel arrangements.

FlySafair will pull reports from the aircraft and air traffic control systems to find out exactly what triggered the alert.

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