The first models of the MiG-35 will come out the factory this fall

Russian Ministry of Defense will receive within the term the first test models of the lightweight front-line fighter MiG-35 this fall, informed for RT Vladimir Zhuchkov, one of the leaders of the plant where are assembled the 4 ++ generation fighters MiG-35.

“The MiG-35 is a completely other aircraft compared to the MiG-29, not a mere modification. This is a significant step forward,”said Zhuchkov.

Compared to MiG-29 in MiG-35 have been changed many internal units and placed more powerful engines, which are located relatively far apart. On request of the buyer can be mounted engines with variable vector thrust.

A significant advantage of the MiG-35 is the complete unification and similar opportunities for single and two-seater version. Moreover, the two-seater machine will solve tasks previously assigned to specialized training and combat aircraft. The aircraft will also get a new system for landing on deck.

MiG-35’s introduction in armament is planned for 2018. 

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