Finnair Is Weighing People And Bags In Order To Update Passenger Weight Data

The airline industry constantly tries to cut costs and increase profit margins. The industry is doing okay in terms of profit. But the hurricanes, floods, and other weather issues in 2017, put a dent in airline profitability. But with less than two months to go, it should be a good year. Airline executives are reaching into the future and trying to come up with ways to cut cost and make money. Finnair just came up with a great idea, according to The airline is conducting a survey at the Helsinki Airport, and it wants 2,000 passengers to take part in the company’s data gathering project.

Finnair wants those 2,000 people to weigh-in before they board a flight. The airline wants to know how much each passenger and their carry-ons weigh. The participating passengers will remain anonymous as Finnair updates their 10-year-old average passenger weight data program. Finnair is growing airline and company executives need new weights in order to expand their service. Finnair executives are also forecasting fuel needs and payloads, so the information they gather from the survey will keep the airline up to speed, in terms of how much every Finnair passenger weights.

According to European Aviation Safety Agency’s 2009 report, the average male passenger with bags weighs 194lbs and the average female weighs 154lbs. The child weight is 77lbs and that data is still in use. But Finnair thinks all three weight categories will change when the survey ends in 2018. All the airlines use the 2009 data to forecast, project costs, and determine the profit margin of every flight.

On another Scandinavian note, Norwegian Air is attracting a lot of attention with their London (Gatwick) to Singapore (Changi) route. It’s a 6,764-mile trip, and Norwegian Air is making the nonstop trip in 12 hours and 45 minutes. The airline is using the fuel-efficient Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner on the route, and the airline is offering that service four times a week. The lowest fare is the one-way $235 economy fare, and passengers who want a premium class seat may be able to get the $914 one-way low fare offer. Those fares don’t include meal service, seat selection, or the one free checked-bag offer. The airlines are creative when it comes to low fares and special deals, and the Norwegian Air service from London to Singapore is a good example of that creativity, according to

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