Faster Air Travel May Occur Soon

Commercial airline industry passengers may enjoy supersonic jet travel during the mid-2020s, according to the Reuters News Agency. Currently, three manufacturers in the United States have launched projects to construct very fast jet liners. The retirement of the Concorde in 2003, and Boeing Company’s decision not to build a Sonic Cruiser airplane had made prospects for much faster commercial air service less likely during the past decade. Now, the industry appears poised for changes:

An Exciting Aerion Project

Reportedly, Aerion Corporation has contracted with Lockheed Martin Corporation to build a new generation of ultra-fast supersonic jets for the business marketplace. They have joined forces with GE Aviation to design a new engine for these planes. It will combine elements of the 1970s-era Boeing 737 jets and modern F-16 military aircraft to achieve maximum speeds of Mach 1.4, nearly twice as fast as most current commercial airliners.

The design team reportedly has worked hard to address concerns involving noise and engine temperatures. The new jet will supply 12 seats. Analysts expect the airplane to cost some $120 million. It will undergo testing in 2023 and, if all goes well, enter service by the end of 2025.

An Ambition Boom Technology Venture

Boom Technology, Inc., a firm based in Denver, Colorado, hopes to build a new 55-seat business jet capable of achieving a maximum speed of Mach 2.2. The Colorado company has obtained support from Virgin Group and Japan Airlines Comnpany Limited to build a $200 million jet. The firm expects to begin commercial flights during 2023.

The company’s Chief Executive Officer, Blake Scholl, indicated the new plane may adapt existing engine technology. It will also include some innovations. The aircraft’s remarkable speed would considerably reduce intercontinental travel times. Boom Technology, Inc. expects to reveal more information about its project to the public sometime during 2018.

Spike Aerospace, Inc. Also Envisions A Supersonic Jet

Spike Aerospace, Inc. has also disclosed plans to develop a small supersonic jet for the business marketplace. The firm believes its new jet will appeal to wealthy private purchasers. CEO Vic Kachoria has indicated his company has begun working with two aircraft engine manufacturers to develop prototypes.

The innovative jet would achieve a maximum speed of Mach 1.6. Each aircraft will cost around $100 million. The company hopes to have its planes available by 2023.

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