Famous B-29 Lands in Wisconsin

There are only two World War II B-29s still in service these days, and one of them just landed in Oshkosh, Wisconsin after receiving an extensive overhaul. Nicknamed “Doc”, this beautiful behemoth was once part of a fantastic flying squadron called Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. However, for a long time, Doc was left all alone. Abandoned at the United States Navy’s China Lake range, the B-29 sat for a long time before it was refurbished and revamped. Now that it has been restored to its original glorious state, the plane is set to be on display at AirVenture for the entire week.

At a stop in Cedar Rapids, it quickly became obvious that Doc possessed true celebrity status. With two-hour long wait times for a tour of this flying fortress, it became very clear that many people were interested in seeing what makes Doc tick. It’s easy to see why; with its compatriot Fifi, Doc is the last living vestige of a bygone era.

Since this was a special event, many special attendees were in attendance to relive those times, including a 93-year-old veteran named Jerome Micka. Micka was sporting a B-29 hat and more than willing to reminisce about old times. As a fire control gunner, he served on a whopping 29 missions on a B-29. Some of his missions would last for up to 16 long hours, and he even took part in a relief mission. However, not all of the trips went as planned. One outing ended when the B-29 was shot up and forced to execute an emergency landing in Okinawa.

Indeed, it is easy to see why the plane wields such wonderful mystique after so many years. With its gleaming exterior and stunning interior, Doc reminds aviation fans of all that people are capable of creating when they put their minds to it. The man behind the renovation operation is Tony Mazzolini, and from the looks of it, he appears very proud that his gorgeous plane has taken to the skies once again.

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