FAA starts issuing pilot licenses for drones

From August 29, 2016, in effect will be a new part of the regulation of aviation in the US, known as Part 107 concerning the preparation, certification, and license of pilots for unmanned aircraft, or the become popular drones.

The regulation affects unmanned machines heavier than half a pound (about 230 grams), which quite reasonably excludes tiny toys which can hardly actually endanger the aviation.

Ready is not only the methodology for training but also the comprehensive test systems for both theoretical and practical exams. The owners of other types of pilot licenses will be exempt from the exam in theory but nevertheless, will have to pass a practical exam to be allowed to pilot a drone.

It is expected that the examination fee and the certificate to cost about 150 dollars. Pilot licenses for drones will have to be renewed every two years, which will be conducted by approved by the FAA training centers.

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