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The US Federal Aviation Safety Administration released a new pilot proficiency program for increasing the skills and knowledge of the pilots, as well as giving them higher training on safer and stress-free flying experience. The new program is called WINGS and provide them ability to select the category and class of aircraft, where to get the training and to receive a demonstration of flight proficiency. The safety program also will address the primary accident causal factors, which continue to whip over the aviation community. WINGS program is focusing on the objectives to reduce the number of aviation accidents with same causes and to reduce the number of risks on board of the airplanes.

The WINGS program allows the pilots to choose the aircraft type and specification and to demonstrate their flight maneuvering abilities and solving crisis situations. To ensure you receive a well-rounded training and educational experience, only certain flight activities give specific credit requirements. The program will increase the pilot proficiency and experience and will provide more competence. The pilots have the opportunity to fly on a regular basis with an authorized flight instructor.

Reviewing and refreshing the pilot’s knowledge is just as important as actual flying. To meet this goal, the program provide many opportunities to complete online courses, attend seminars and other events, and participate in webinars. Many 3rd party activities, such as those offered by AOPA, ASA, Sporty’s, Gleim Publications, and others, qualify for WINGS credit and will indicate such credit on their web site.

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