The European Commission will propose tighter control over pilots

The European Commission will propose by the end of the year tighter control over new pilots working in the airlines on the continent. The reason is the measures authorities take after the tragedy of flight 9525 of Germanwings, in which the pilot who had mental health problems crashed the plane in March 2015, killing all 150 people on board.

On Monday, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) presented its ideas for a more detailed examination of psychological and health condition in the preliminary selection. Moreover, more often to be made tests for alcohol and drugs.

Мore carefully monitored will be the psychological and medical history of each pilot.

The exams must become of higher quality, it should be improved the training, supervision, and evaluation of the experts who conducted the exam itself.

In order to avoid fraud and counterfeiting, all aero-medical centers will have to report to the competent authorities their conclusions when they found problems with а pilot.

Some of the proposals were made shortly after the crash and the whole package now goes to the European Commission for clearance as regulation in the EU.

Immediately after the tragic incident with Germanwings introduced by EASA obligation in the booth constantly to have at least two crew members. The reason is that the co-pilot had locked until the captain is out of the cabin, and there was no one to stop the deadly descent to the French Alps.

Last month, EASA alleviate this requirement by letting operators to first assess risks and decide whether they want to adhere to the rule.

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