Emirates Airlines Is Turning Some Of The Their Airbus A380 Planes Into Coach Only Airplanes

Business travelers know how important Business Class and First Class seats are especially on those long flights. The thought of traveling from Los Angeles to Sydney in coach is not a comfortable feeling. And sitting in one of the new sardine type configurations on some airlines is too much to take if you are a frequent flier. But in spite of the complaints and discomfort of coach seats, one airline is on a mission to prove it can make more money on certain flights if they remove those expensive First Class seats. Get ready for an all coach adventure if you fly Emirates Airlines. Emirates is experimenting with the all coach concept on some of their Airbus A380 airplanes.

One of Emirates most popular routes is the service between London and Dubai. That route is especially popular during the holiday season. So Emirates is taking away First Class and filling their planes with 615 economy seats. Those planes only have 489 seats when there is a First Class cabin. But there is a bit of good news if you can call it that, for the Brits that use First Class service regularly. Emirates will still have Business Class service on the planes that don’t have a First Class section. But there are a lot of business people and celebrities that believe there is only one way to travel, and that is First Class. Emirates thinks those passengers will change their minds once they try their new 615 seat configuration. That may be true, but some airline executives from other airlines are not bold enough to take that chance, according to Inc.com.

Emirates has a reputation for being an airline that takes First Class travel to another level, but it appears the airline is experimenting with basement level air travel instead of giving the celebrity set a dose of better First Class treatment. But the airline is quick to say the new all-economy seat configuration is only for the holiday season. When air travel gets back to normal after the holidays, First Class will be back. The big question on the minds of airline executives and shareholders is, will Emirates make more money during the holidays? If they do, next year might be an all-economy trip for air travelers around the world. That sounds a little cramped and distasteful to some frequent fliers. But it is a sign of the times, according to some of the airline industry’s financial bean counters.

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