EasyJet may leave the UK

Low-cost airline easyJet is examining options to export the bulk of their business outside the UK in the case of Britain’s actual exits from the European Union. It is reported the British newspaper The Guardian.

The airline is talking with several EU countries to create airlines there. So in the case of the exit of Britain from the EU easyJet will have aircraft operators to benefit from the possibility of unregulated regular passenger flights within the Union. At the same time, the company will as well keep a branch in the United Kingdom to fly in it.

However, it is possible with the exit of the UK to be negotiated trade relations, which to a great extend repeat the current situation. In this case, easyJet will not make any further moves.

Still, if the company decides to outsource a substantial part of its activities outside the UK, this would mean layoffs of up to 1000 employees at the headquarters in Luton and the opening of a separate headquarters in another European country.

From easyJet have confirmed that they are leading such conversations in order to keep their freedom of operation.


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