A drone can clear the minefields in the world

Vast areas of Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Angola, Cambodia and other countries in the world today are dotted with mines left over from wars, threatening with death anyone who has the impudence to end up in them.

The researcher Massoud Hassani has decided to deal with this problem using the potential of the technology. He has developed a special drone capable of quickly, efficiently and above all – safe for people –  defusing minefields.

The machine, called Mine Kafon Drone, has everything you need to map a field, find the hidden in it mines and defuse them, causing a controlled explosion. Its creator hopes it can help to clean up the whole world of abandoned landmines in less than ten years.

The drone will not only clear minefields without threatening human lives, but it will make it approximately 20 times faster than other existing technologies today. Moreover, it is about 200 times cheaper than them.

To be put into mass production Mine Kafon Drone has to collect 70,000 euros in the shared financing platform Kickstarter.com. So far it has collected just over € 25,000, and 36 days remain until the end of the campaign.


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