Dr. Cameron Clokie Gives His Quick Tips for Tooth Care While Traveling

Traveling is fun, but it gets even better when you have a well-thought plan to keep your teeth clean regardless of the trip you are making. There are several things you can do to keep your dental hygiene at a maximum level like you do on a daily basis at home, we took some advice from oral surgeon and Induce Biologics Inc CEO Cameron Clokie who told us all the details for keeping your teeth clean when you are on vacation. Keeping a clean denture on your everyday life is not the same as doing it when you are traveling, there are many obstacles that present themselves when you are out of your comfort zone.

Packing is Essential

When you are traveling inside or outside the country, you always have to be prepared for any type of emergency. Dr. Cameron Clokie, an advocate for regenerative medicine, says that you don’t only need to have two extra toothbrushes besides you standard one, keeping a pocket one always close to you is a very good idea. Always keeping a couple of toothpaste packages is also very helpful, you always need to be prepared with some water bottles as well for those times when you could be far from your hotel or civilization.

Dr. Cameron Clokie

Keep Your Tooth Brush Dry

Cameron Clokie also says that some bacteria that our toothbrush usually has is already off the charts, that’s why when you travel you always need to do so with an entirely dry tooth brush. You may use a dryer to be entirely certain your equipment isn’t wet, keeping this in mind will be essential if you don’t want to catch more bacteria than the ones you already have in your mouth. Trust us; you don’t want to find an unwanted disease during a trip because the consequences and ramifications of that can be catastrophic.


Procure Dental Hygiene Portable Products

All types of mouthwash, dental floss, toothpicks that can help you clean up the difficult areas of your teeth before brushing, are some of the most important portable things you can take on any trip. Dr. Cameron Clokie repeatedly told us that carrying floss and mouthwash is one of the most important things any person can do when traveling. We obviously agree 100% on this, because it’s tough when you are at the beach in need of any type of accessories such as these.

Always Have a Plan B in Play

You need always to be prepared for any type of event in which you need to act quickly, having a perfect study of the places where you can buy backup products is something you must do in case you find yourself in need of assistance. Also, we’ve already told you to pack double brushes but packing double of everything is also a very good idea just in case something goes wrong and you lose your primary dental care items. If you keep this in mind, your traveling experience will be even more rewarding than it already was.

Always Pack Some Extra Teeth Treats

There is a lot of people who mistakenly believe that chewing gum is bad for your teeth, that’s a complete misconception that we need to debunk right now. When we asked Cameron Clokie about this, he told us that chewing gum with high levels of sugar is the worst way you can treat your teeth. His background in oral surgery would make Cameron an expert.  However, sugar-free gum that is sweetened with xylitol is a fantastic way to take care of your teeth. This practice will stimulate your saliva flow and help you cleanse your denture even when you are not brushing them; this is also a great option for long walking trips in areas where you are not able to brush. Other good options for treating your teeth are sucking on sugarless candies that have some extract; you can drink green tea to protect your teeth as well.

Always Use Drinkable Water

Traveling to third world countries might be something you will eventually do, being exposed to the health challenges those countries have will be completely out of your control. Unlike in America, tap water is not drinkable in other nations and trying to brush your teeth with it can be very unhealthy. That’s why the Dr. recommends that you always pack bottled potable water for any trip you make, this will keep you away from any bacteria danger your teeth can be exposed to during your vacation.

Stay Vigilant on Everything You Eat

This is another great point that you need to address; you always have to look for the restaurants or food trucks where the workers give you a clean service. Thirds world places such as Mexico or South America will always have hazardous places to eat that may seem appealing at first, but you can’t trust any of them. Always be vigilant for any type of red flag you see in any restaurant, which will save you from all kinds of unwanted bacterial mishaps.

With these tips from the doctor we consulted, you will be able to stay as clean and safe as you can and maintain a dental hygiene that can be closest to the one you keep at home. However, you always need to realize that you won’t always have control of every situation, especially when you are traveling to a country you’ve never visited before.

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