Delta Flight Museum Features Unique 747 Experience

The Delta Flight Museum has chosen a revolutionary new way to display the Boeing 747-400.

The museum decided to turn the plane itself into an exhibition space. The “747 Experience” opened in March of this year. The Experience gives visitors access to “portions of the 747 never seen,” according to General Aviation News.

Preparations for this new display began in April 2016. See-through floor panels and an “over the wing” platform were installed. These allow visitors to see the internal systems of the plane.

These new features sit alongside traditional displays like streaming videos and timelines that explain the 747’s history.

The Experience has a fitting location: it is hosted on ship 6301, the first Boeing 747-400 ever built. Although Delta only used 747s from 1970 to 1977, they acquired this plane after their merger with Northwest Airlines.

The 747 Experience is located outside the main Delta Flight Museum. The museum is housed in two historic 1940s hangars adjacent to Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

By walking through these two hangars before taking part in the 747 Experience, visitors can see how planes have evolved. The museum’s first hangar is devoted to the propeller age of air travel. It also explores Delta’s roots as a crop dusting company in Louisiana. Visitors can see a replica Huff Daland “Duster,” as well two airworthy planes: a Travel Air 6B Sedan that was first used to transport mail, and ship 41, Delta’s first DC-3.

In the second hangar, visitors can see “The Spirit of Delta,” a Boeing 767 that was purchased by Delta employees to show their loyalty to the company. There are also parts of planes like the Convair 800 and the prototype Lockheed L-1011 Tristar.

Hangar 2 also features exhibits of old Delta china, uniforms, and luggage. There is also a tribute to C.E. Woolman, one of Delta’s founders.

Finally, visitors to the Delta Flight Museum can schedule time in a Boeing 737-200 flight simulator. This is perhaps the only commercial flight simulator available to the public.

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