De-mining drones aim to rid the world of land mines within 10 years

Land mines could become a thing of the past, at least that’s the aim of a team that has created a drone it hopes will put an end to the destructive device which still kills and maims over 20,000 people each year.

Developed by the Mine Kafon Foundation, the drone maps, detects and detonates land mines from a safe distance. The Mine Kafon Drone is an airborne demining system developed with the aim to clear all land mines around the world in less than 10 years.

The Mine Kafon Drone aims to clear the millions of land mines leftover from past conflicts, thus aiming to greatly reduce the number of people maimed and killed by land mines throughout the world each year. The Mine Kafron Drone is well equipped for its mission to rid the world of land mines, with three models of drones with separate roles working in unison as they perform their role. 

The first drone flies over a suspected hazardous area while mapping a 3D area using a zigzag pattern. The second drone hovers just mere centimetres over the ground as it traces over the area using a robotic metal detecting arm to detect mines. After the metal detecting drone geotags the land mines, a third and final drone, equipped with a robotic gripping arm, places a small detonator near the detected mines and then detonates the land mines from a safe distance.

The Mine Kafron Drone is believed to be up to 20 times faster and 200 times cheaper than traditional demining techniques such as the use of animals, humans and vehicles, which all pose serious safety risks.

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