The data from one of the black boxes of Egypt air flight MS804 have been downloaded successfully

The data from the flight data recorder (FDR) of Egypt air flight MS804 of have been downloaded successfully, reported the Egyptian investigative authorities cited by Reuters.

“Preliminary information shows that the entire flight is recorded on the FDR since its takeoff from Charles de Gaulle airport until the accident” was said in the investigators’ statement.

“Parts of the front section of the plane showed signs of heating to a high temperature ,” added the investigative team, headed by Egypt.

Information from one of the black boxes of the crashed plane has shown that the smoke alarms on board went on after soot were found on the remains of the plane, said the investigators.

The cause of the accident is still unclear. It could be a human or technical error. Terrorism is not ruled out.

The black box was found at the bottom of the Mediterranean, after the Airbus A320 aircraft with 66 people on board fell into the sea on 19 May, in the performance of a flight from Cairo to Paris.

The box has recorded data from the flight from its departure until the recording stopped at an altitude of 11.250 meters. 

The recorder of conversations in the cockpit is still being repaired in France. Both black boxes were sent for repair after Egypt initially failed to download the data from them.

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