Dassault has orders for 76 Rafale

The portfolio of French aircraft builder Dassault has 76 multi-role fighter aircraft Rafale since the beginning of the year were delivered nine machines. That was reported by Flightglobal.

Deliveries include six pieces Rafale for the French armed forces and three two-seater Rafale for the Air Force of Egypt, who already have six of the 24 ordered pieces of the French fighter. The company also provided funds for maintenance and training for Egypt.

Also ongoing is the modernization program of the Navy Rafale M from the initial production standard F1 to the latest F3.

So far France has received 146 pieces of 180 Rafale ordered. So for implementation remain 34 French orders, plus 42 aircraft for Egypt and Carat.

Negotiations are continuing with India for the supply of 36 pieces Rafale, while marketing campaigns are led as well in other countries.

In 2011, Dassault delivered eight Rafale, instead of the standard 11, as part of France ordered fighters were sent to Egypt to meet the urgent need for supplies of new combat aircraft.

Continuing are the tests of the new missile “air-air” MBDA Meteor, as in the beginning of the year was held a third successful launch. The weapon will be integrated within the upcoming modernization F3R.



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