Daher TBM 930

Daher TBM 930

Daher presented the new single-engine turboprop aircraft TBM 930, which is the second in the family of TBM models. The airplane is advanced and improved version of TBM 900, providing more efficient operations and modern avionics. The airplane features with Garmin’s G3000 touchscreen glass flightdeck, as well as reconfigured cockpit, increasing the safety and comfort during flights. Also Daher TBM 930 has redesigned seating, enhanced interior trimmings and new bespoke e-copilot safety systems. The new systems, support the pilot and improve the safety for the passengers. It incorporates a sensor and angle of attack calculator, electronic stabilization and protection systems and under speed protection. In addition, the G3000 avionics suite’s high resolution displays enhance the presentation of simulated 3-D perspective terrain for Garmin’s synthetic vision technology.

Daher TBM 930 has overall length of 9.80 m, height of 4.40 m and wing span of 12.83 m. The wing area of the airplane is 13.20 sq m. Daher TBM 930 powerplant is PT6A-66D with 850 shp and 1825 hp. The technical characteristics of the new model Daher TBM 930 are not different from its predecessor, but the engineers succeeded to take more from the current equipment and to make the airplane more efficient by increasing the flight range and takeoff weight.

Daher TBM 930 is secured by European and US certification in March and the first delivery will be done on April 8. The aircraft prices start from 4.1 million USD.

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