Croatia received its first OH-58D

Croatia received the first five armed reconnaissance helicopters Bell OH-58D Kiowa Warrior. They are part of a donation from the United States, which amounts to a total of 16 machines.

The first five helicopters and about 30 tons of extra equipment were received in the Zemunik Air Base on 30 July. They were flown aboard a transport plane C-5 Galaxy from the composition of the US Air Force. It is expected one more similar flight to bring the other helicopters.

Croatia began to study the possibilities of obtaining unnecessary OH-58D from the US in early 2015 and the contract was finalized in March, two months later the Croatian government allocated funding.

The donation is worth $218 million but it has costs worth just over $ 29 million (taxes, education, transport and the like). They were split between US and Croatia. Overall Croatian MoD invests in the project precisely $ 27.9 million which includes the purchase of additional equipment for the new helicopters such as three simulator and weapons.

In 2013 the US Army began to reform its aviation and decided to retire the scouts OH-58D. Most of these machines have quite some resources and were earmarked for sale or donation of close allies.

Tunisia will also receive a donation of 24 helicopters of this type as separately the country invests $100 million in armament, training, and equipment.

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