Coyne Airways Moves Animals to Tbilisi Zoo 


Scheduled and charter cargo services provider Coyne Airways has delivered an exotic collection of animals from Amsterdam to Tbilisi on April 2, which were given for free as part of the support  for Tbilisi Zoo.

The consignment consisted of a tiger, seven red-neck wallabies, six Barbary sheep, and 24 African penguins. The animals were boarded on a Boeing 777 freighter in pallets and creates that were in accordance with IATA Live Animals Regulations (LAR) setting the standards for live animal transportation. In order to make the entire transportation process easier for the animals, they arrive at the airport just a few hours before the flight when everything is ready for their boarding, so that they spent as less time as possible in the cages.

The animals are coming to the Georgian capital to repopulate the Zoo as a donation, which was devastated after a storm flooding in June 2015 and Coyne Airways made the delivery as a token of its support to the recovery of the zoo. Martyn Griffin, Sales Manager for Coyne Airways, said:

“Efforts to rebuild the zoo have been ongoing since the tragedy struck, and Tbilisi Zoo has received international support and donations. We were delighted to play a part in the recovery effort, by flying the animals on our weekly Boeing 777 freighter flight from Amsterdam to Tbilisi.”

Coyne Airways has delivered different animals to the Zoo on several occasions since the flood.

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