Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport Has Unique Way to Ease Passenger Anxiety

Therapy horses at Cincinnati Airport
It’s no secret that summer holidays bring millions of new travelers, and that means more waits and longer lines than usual. To combat the resulting passenger anxiety, the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport has decided to introduce a unique, and adorable, new way to distract airport passengers. This year the airport will host two miniature horses, named Denver and Ruby, two times each month. The horses are from Ohio’s Seven Oaks Farm, and they have been trained to specifically deal with the hustle and bustle of an airport terminal.

Unsurprisingly, the mini horses cause quite a happy stir when they show up. Tons of social media pictures of happy children and adults posing with the horses have appeared all over the internet. According to airport official, Wendi Orlando, having the horses is “just to ease anxiety levels, put smiles on faces. Clearly that’s working. When you look at the passengers walking by, it just never gets old. They love seeing the horses.” Although these minis bring surprise and joy wherever they go, this is not the first time miniature horses have been used in the airport. Last year the airport brought in “therapy unicorns.” They were basically miniature horses with dyed manes and tails.

Even though it seems like these mini horses are just cute faces, they are actually highly trained therapy animals, and the use of therapy animals is on the rise. Over thirty airports throughout the United States have used different types of animals to ease passenger stress and anxiety during difficult and busy travel seasons. Usually, however, they have chosen traditional therapy dogs. Unlike dogs, miniature horses can weigh around 150-350 pounds, but their unique and unexpected appearance in the airport make them an incredible help. Other airports have followed suite and begun to introduce different types of animals. San Francisco, for example, has employed their very own therapy pig.

It’s safe to say that therapy animals in airports is on the rise and will continue to be present in today’s airports. Be sure to keep a lookout and take a look at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport passengers enjoying the mini horses in the original article at

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