China showed the largest amphibian in the world

Chinese state aviation company Zhuhai Yanzhou Aircraft Corporation held on July 23, 2016, a ceremony on which officially presented the largest currently flying amphibian in the world AG600.

The first flight of the machine will be held at the end of this year or early next year. Until now there are 17 orders for the machine from various Chinese customers. The main tasks of AG600 will include search and rescue operations, (possibility of evacuation of up to 50 people) and fire fighting (possibility of throwing 12 tons of water).

It’s speculated that AG600 will also have a military use, as the amphibian will be used for logistic support of the Chinese military garrison in the South China Sea.

AG600 has a maximum takeoff weight of 53.5 tons, a length of 39,3 m, a wingspan of 38,8 m and flight length of 4500 km. The plane is powered by four turboprop engines WJ6 with power take-off of 5100 shaft horsepower each.

The largest flying amphibian in history is the Soviet project A-40, which had a maximum takeoff weight of 86 tons, but the project does not enter into production and was terminated.

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