Cheap Airfares Are On The Decline

A few days ago, there was a JetBlue ad that advertised $20 flights. People quickly clicked on the ad. However, the deal was gone a few hours after it was advertised. Many travelers were frustrated because they missed the deal of a lifetime. In many cases, deals like this are gone within one hour.

The airline industry uses flash sales in order to fill empty seats. It can also keep travelers from booking more expensive flights. Additionally, flash sales help airlines get an advantage over their competitors. George Hobica is the president of He stated that the competition in the airline industry is like kids fighting in a sandbox.

Industry experts have stated that flash sales are on the decline. Competition in the airline industry is declining, which is reducing the need for flash sales. Carriers have an easier time selling tickets without having to resort to cheap fares. This means that people who are looking for an ultra-cheap ticket will have a harder time finding one.

Big carriers such as Southwest, United, Delta and American airlines have been buying out the smaller ones. That is one of the reasons that airline competition is decreasing. Jetblue and other low-cost carriers are typically the only airlines that have flash sales.

Flash sales are typically over within a few minutes or hours. For example, Jet Blue had a $20 sale on August 30. This fare was sold out in just one minute. Delta, United and American have been fighting the competition by offering great deals on basic economy seats.

Joshua Freed is the spokesperson for American Airlines. He stated that the airline prefers to adjust prices on a long-term basis. They also prefer to reduce prices on an as-needed basis. Dan Landson is the spokesperson for Southwest. He stated that flash sales are a great way to generate demand.

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