Cathay Pacific Splits Responsibility Between Chief of Cargo and Chief of Customer 


After some senior management changes at Swire in April, Cathay Pacific has announced that it continues its aim to streamline reporting structures by appointing two separate directors to be in charge of cargo and customers.

Simon Large will step down as a director of cargo and will become the new director of customer as of June 1. James Ginns, who is director of service delivery at present, will take the role over from Large.

Both Ginns and Large have been working for the parent company Swire and for Cathay for more than 26 years and have held various managing positions throughout the years.

Tom Owner, director people at Cathay, expects that the new restructuring will improve the overall company performance.

“The two new chief positions allow us to home in on the key areas of operations/service delivery and customer/commercial, splitting them distinctly into two sides of the business, while the chief executive role can more effectively drive strategic direction under the four pillars of our strategy with its key direct reports.”

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