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Florida Now Has More Airline Passengers Than Texas

Florida now officially has more annual airline passengers than Texas. This puts Florida at the number two busiest airport in the United States. This is according to info released by Florida Governor Rick Scott. The…

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Flight Global Helps Business To Grow

Flight Global is a leading aircraft company that assists businesses to grow through assessing risks as well as improving efficiency. Currently, the company focuses on the future of most businesses. The management has been trained…

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Congress Urged To Wait On Drone Legislation

With two separate bills focused on drones and unmanned aircraft hitting the Senate floor in June, it’s no small wonder the aviation and drone industries are concerned with the future of drone restrictions and legislation….

Qatar Airways is World’s New 2017 Number One Airline

Skytrax, a U.K.-based travel consultancy, calls its World Airline Awards the largest annual airline passenger satisfaction survey in the world. With the ratings being announced on Tuesday, June 20, on the biennial Paris Air Show’s…

India Drops to Second Place

According to the most recent report by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Russia overtook India as the fastest growing market in domestic air travel in the world after India held that number one honor…