Bombardier received order for 20 Challenger 350 midsize business jets

Bombardier Challenger 350 airplane

The airplanes producer Bombardier received an order for 20 Challenger 350 midsize business jets. The total amount of the order is 534 million USD, but the name of the customer is not disclosed. Challenger 350 has improved performance and reliability, using the improved Honeywell HTF7350 and Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics. The airplane is more efficient for operations, providing higher safety for the passengers. The re-engined and updated Bombardier Challenger 350 is winning new orders despite a recent influx of new competitors, as well as the difficult year with many canceled orders and backlogs.

“The class-leading Challenger 350 aircraft dominates the super-midsize segment and continually outperforms – it’s simply one of the best business jets in the market”, said the President of Bombardier Business Aircraft, David Coleal.

In 2015, Bombardier had terrible year with order backlog totally of 17.2 billion USD, as cancellations in business jet division exceeded new orders by 24, including a one-time write-off of 74 orders in the backlog for the terminated Learjet 85 program. The airplanes producer halted marketing efforts for the Learjet 60 and Challenger 850, which caused serious additional finance problems for the company. Moreover, the competition in the sector is very strong.

Bombardier Challenger 350 implements the most modern technology available in business aviation. The aircraft winglet increases the aerodynamic performance of an already efficient “slat-less” wing, which contributes to greater fuel efficiency and range capability. Bombardier Challenger 350 has overall length of 20.90 m, height of 6.10 m and wingspan of 21.00 m.

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