Bomb threat evacuated Pulkovo airport in St. Petersburg

Russian police evacuated part of the passengers and the staff of Pulkovo airport in St. Petersburg, BBC reported.

Upon contact of a reporter with the reference service at the airport was said that it was a measure in ensuring safety. The Petersburg edition connected with the evacuation anonymous call for placement of a bomb. It said the airport was cordoned off. The police checked the buildings and areas surrounding for an explosive device. But at the airport continued taking off and landing aircraft.

This is not the first time people are evacuated from Pulkovo. In 2014, an anonymous call about a bomb had emptied the main airport terminal. In the investigative work, no explosive device was found.

Alerts for placed bombs there were also in other Russian airports. Again in 2014 because of such notice were evacuated 350 people from Moscow airport Vnukovo.

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